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    Randy Moss Retires

    So much for him getting into great shape

    Free-agent WR Randy Moss' (Titans) agent, Joel Segel, said that Moss has decided to retire from professional football.

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    Re: Randy Moss Retires

    hell be back

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    Re: Randy Moss Retires

    I think he might be back if a contender gives him a call. He was a great WR when he wanted to be.

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    I wonder if we made an offer he didn't like or if we made no offer. It doesn't matter, but I'd be curious to know if we were interested.

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    Re: Randy Moss Retires

    I seriously doubt that Oz would be chasing an over-the-hill expensive former superstar while in the midst of a youth movement.
    In a 2003 BBC poll that asked Brits to name the "Greatest American Ever", Mr. T came in fourth, behind ML King (3rd), Abe Lincoln (2nd) and Homer Simpson (1st).


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