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    Question New Guy in Town

    Hello fellow Raven followers, my name is Jaxun14 and I have a problem...

    ok enough of that...But seriously I live in Alabama (Roll Tide) and have always had a dear spot in my heart for the PURPLE! Have always loved the ""hit you in the mouth" defense, tradition, and of course GM Ozzie Newsome!

    So with that said, we are coming up for the Bama/Penn St game on Sept 10th, and then gonna catch my first Ravens game on Sunday. :ww:

    Never visited Baltimore, only drove thru it about 10 yrs ago...So I need some help!!

    I understand this game is gonna be a hard ticket to get my hands on, but what is gonna be the best way for me to get into the stadium? Also, pregame/postgame drink & eat spots??? Hotel locations?

    Thanks in advance for the help
    Go Ravens & Roll Tide

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    Where in "Bama? I used to live in Huntsville. Darb (night owl on this forum) lives in/near Florence IIRC.

    Not clear which game you are seeking tix. I don't follow college football closely outside of the local teams, but you should be OK getting tickets to the Alabama game against Penn State. Pennsylvania fans talk up their support, but, in reality, what you see when watching Steelers' "road" crowds are predominantly emigres from Pittsburgh (like my father), or local bandwagoners. I've never been to Happy Valley, though...

    The Steelers-Ravens game will be very hard to score tickets without paying high scalper fees. They will not get any cheaper, so I would start looking on internet from now. Expect to pay 200% to 300% of face value.

    Best way to get to the stadium depends totally on where you are staying. If you can afford it, do as some of my friends do: stay at the Hilton at the Convention Center, which is across street from the left field entrance to Oriole Park. The Eutaw Promenade a.k.a. "Ravens Walk" will be mobbed with fans, live music, attractions for kids with vendors selling reasonably priced hot grilled sandwiches & beer. You can skip tailgating completely. There are many other downtown hotels around the Inner Harbor, Harbor East, over to Fells point. You can get around easily via water taxi or cab, or walk a mile or so.

    If you can't afford to stay downtown, recommend the Light Rail from the (BWI) Airport Square area, where 20+ national brand hotels are located, providing free shuttles to the airport Light Rail station. Do not drive unless you can get down to the stadium area very early (before 9 am) to find a cash lot run by a reputable firm and within nearby walking area. Try the corridor south of Lot J along Warner Street, or along Ostend Street to the east of the stadium.

    As to nearby bars: try Mothers on South Charles Street, at the base of Federal Hill, next to the Cross Street Market.. If oversubscribed, there are a dozen more bars & restaurants withing a block or two.
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    Re: New Guy in Town

    Thanks man that helps alot.

    Born and raised in Athens, AL bout 10 miles west of Huntsville.

    Look forward to being part of this board. Hard to find inside info on the Ravens down south.


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