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  1. Re: Which team will be worse to first?

    none of the above

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    Tennessee might improve this year. I think we may be slightly lucky that we face them in week 2 when they'll in all likelihood be completely unprepared.

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    Re: Which team will be worse to first?

    The Cardinals are really the only team capable and that's just because they play in a horrible divison. Everyone else has multiple better teams ahead of them to traverse before making it to the top.

    And I'll point out specifically.........The Bengals. The Bengals have as much chance of being division winners this year as my 6 year old's Rec team......who plays CLINIC. :)

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    Re: Which team will be worse to first?

    Honestly...none of them.

    I'm not a believer in Kolb and the Cards' defense is still suspect.

    I think Minny has the best chance, but they're in a tough division. I doubt McNabb is enough to get them over the hump. Maybe though.

    Buffalo still has a lackluster defense and a mediocre OL. Chan Gailey can get as cute as he wants with his offensive schemes, but the reality is that the Patriots and Jets are better teams. Barring some sort of incredible injury to Tom Brady I can't see how the Pats don't run away with that division. Now if the Dolphins can somehow manage to get Orton...they might have a shot.
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