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    Brandon Marshall diagnosed with BPD

    The 27-year-old underwent three months of psychological and neurological exams at Boston's McLean Hospital -- the training ground for Harvard University medical students -- where he was diagnosed with the mental illness, which is marked by difficulties with relationships and controlling moods and emotions.

    So maybe this helps to explain why his wife became Stabby Mc Stab Stab.

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    Re: Brandon Marshall diagnosed with BPD

    So, does Anita Marks still think that he would've been a fantastic addition to the Ravens?
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    Who cares? Who doesn't have this?

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    Re: Brandon Marshall diagnosed with BPD

    It's nice to see that he's undertaken what appears to be a very intense and serious effort to get to the root of his issues and fix them.

    I know there are serious mental health issues out there and a lot of people suffering and I don't mean to make light of any of that, and again I commend Brandon Marshall for, frankly, surprising a hell of a lot of people and really tackling his problems head on. But we are at risk of trying to medicate the basic humanity out of people whenever they show anger, sadness, passion, or opposition to authority, and that worries me.

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    Re: Brandon Marshall diagnosed with BPD

    His "breaking news" press conference on NFL network was seriously awkward when he announced it. He said he wants to be the face of BPD. But then he just kept talking, and talking...and not really saying anything worthwhile about it. And NFL Network just let it ride for aut 20 minutes...

    Of course guess it wasn't much of a change from Jamie Dukes....

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    Re: Brandon Marshall diagnosed with BPD

    Is there a chemical, biological or some sort of bodily functioning difference between Bi-Polar disorder and 'mood swings'?
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    Re: Brandon Marshall diagnosed with BPD

    Not bi-polar. I thougt it was too when he referred to BPD.

    But it's "Boderline Personality Disorder."

    Some similar symptoms as bi polar, including moods swings, but more related to perceptions about one's self image and relationships-

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    Re: Brandon Marshall diagnosed with BPD

    It is characterized by mood swings, unstable self image, troubled relationships and fears of abandonment.
    Sure who doesn't suffer from these at some stage in their life? I suppose BPD just takes these to extreme levels

    However, well done to him for coming out about it and hopefully he can get the help he needs


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