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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    Quote Originally Posted by Hoot View Post
    13- 3 regular season. 4- 0 preseason. (I hope!)
    How 'bout "4-0 postseason" or "3-0 postseason" depending on whether we get a bye or not. :happyanim
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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    Making this prediction based on what we have now and not what we might end up actually having. Concerned about the RT,WR and backup RB. Also concerned with not having added any proven commodity to the pass rush.

    Steelers L
    @ Titans W
    @ Rams L
    Jets L
    Texans L
    @ Jaguars W
    Cardinals W
    @ Steelers L
    @ Seahawks W
    Bengals W
    49ers W
    @ Browns W
    Colts L
    @ Chargers L
    Browns W
    @ Bengals W

    So 9-7 no playoffs. Will be a slow start to the season with a better 2nd half. If we add pieces especially at WR and DE then I can see 3 more wins easily.

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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    It really does depend on whether me get Osi and whether we resign Le'Ron (my choice) again. The needed WR is still dangling and the uncertainty of Cam's play calling puts this at 10-6. With Osi signed (which I doubt will happen) and Le'Ron completing the 1,2,3 punch in our backfield and a quality wide out that can stretch the field we could go 12-4. 12-4 is very possible because with an elite running game they'll sustain drives and won't hand the ball over.

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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    Quote Originally Posted by BLSmokey View Post
    Above all else, stay positive, Sean.

    Thanks, i appreciate it.

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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    Another bump. Want to make sure all of our "experts" :D ;) get a chance to weigh in before the pre-season starts.

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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    Hopefully our new young talents will step up, but the inexperience,especially on the offensive side of the ball, will result in a few missed opportunities and a 10-6 record.

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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    11-5 Solid run in the play offs

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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    10-6 as the team stands on paper now. If they get into the playoffs they could get a couple more (or better). Add Moss and a decent tackle to the mix then I say 12-4 and the super bowl.
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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    We will go 10-6 and squeak in as a wild card yet again.

    Too much turnover in the passing game and I don't like where the offensive line is right now.

    Also don't like us going into the season with Foxworth playing a big role at DB.

    Thankfully we play the NFC West which should be good for 3, and maybe 4 wins..

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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    I worry about the lack of experience at WR, RT, TE, and possibly C. Not that I don't think they're right to get some fresh personnel at those spots, but still, there will be a learning curve. I think the defense rebounds after two years of Matti-ball. And like Ravenboy said, the schedule looks favorable, at least right now.

    I'll say 11-5 and another playoff trip. Depending on how some of these young guys produce, I wouldn't count them out.
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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    The Baltimore Ravens will finish the regular season 13-3, with a first round bye in the playoffs.

    I will post a game by game synopsis later, as mind seem to be long winded.
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    Re: Predict Ravens record

    Two weeks ago I would have said 12-4 now I say 10-6. I think the team chemistry has taken a hit that will cost us at least one game and young players another.
    I give the 49ers the win the Ravens have been choking in big televised games.
    Steelers - L
    @ Titans - W
    @ Rams - W
    Jets - L
    Texans - W
    @ Jaguars - W
    Cardinals - W
    @ Steelers - L
    @ Seahawks - W
    Bengals - W
    49ers - L
    @ Browns - L
    Colts - L
    @ Chargers - W
    Browns - W
    @ Bengals - W


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