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    Arrow Ravens_247: Is Ozzie patient or just late to the free agent party?: via @AddThis

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    Re: Ravens_247: Is Ozzie patient or just late to the free agent party?: via @AddThis

    I feel like we have to deal with this angst from fans every year when the Ravens INEVITABLY don't make a huge splash right out of the gate. We almost always end up making a smart, cost effective move soon after the dust dies down and everyone either loves it, or bitches but then admit they were wrong. Then the season ends and the cycle begins anew.

    Case in point, over the last few seasons how many people complained that we "settled" on Josh Wilson instead of pursuing a top flight corner ? And how many people thought we blew it by not making a serious run at Brandon Marshall? And what were we thinking when we let C-Mac and Stover go? Not to mention how we were screwing ourselves by letting Ray Lewis test the open market. Or just this week when everyone was CONVINCED the Yanda was gone.

    My point is that Ozzie has a great track record following the exact script he's following right now. Let's at least wait for the dust to settle on the first round of signings/ cuts before we complain about how Ozzie is asleep at the wheel.

    (ETA! I remember people who were POSITIVE that Ozzie has blown it when he didn't sign David Boston!)
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