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    Re: Hello old and new friends

    Good afternoon all! I lurk 99.9% of the time but I always enjoy an insightful read. Glad to see it landed here. Will enjoy this new source of information / enlightenment going into the season.

    Thanks to you all who make my Ravens experience all the more enjoyable by sharing your comments & thoughts. From Spotsylvania, VA I sure am in a minority here, though it is amazing how many locals don"t fall into autosneer when you say the word Ravens. Amazing times!

    Carry on!

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    Re: Hello old and new friends

    After the classless display of certain members on the "old" board i'm officially done there.

    To troll a thread about the passing of a legend (and a human being) is completely absurd to me. :(

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    Re: Hello old and new friends

    Welcome to all our new (and for me some old as well) friends! Hope you enjoy your stay with us!

  4. Re: Hello old and new friends

    Hello all....many of you may recall me from the Baltimore Sun forum...glad to be back in the company of adults who can carry on a conversation about football with taste and class.

    I'll probably be lurking more than posting for the foreseeable future...least till mid December anyways unless I can't get the Raven's game from the job... (I am a firefighter at Dover AFB.....retired active duty in 2009 and came back to work on the civil service side of the house while I use up my GI Bill) which point I will be GLUED to the game thread!

  5. Re: Hello old and new friends

    Hey everyone. Its great to see all of you coming over from the sun. I look forward to hear and giving opions about this amazing football season. May we all witness the best Ravens team ever assembled and enjoy watching their journey all the way to a second superbowl championship! Go Ravens!!!


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