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    How many games would the Skins have won if they stuck with McNabb?

    I'm just curious how many games you guys think the Skins would have won had they kept McNabb as the starter the entire time?

    He was 5-8 as the starter there, but I still think that he could have won them a few more games. The Redskins' defense was terrible and they had hardly any running game, so it was kind of all on McNabb and outside of Moss and Cooley he didn't really have much to work with.

    I dont know, I think he gave them their best chance to win and they just opted to not win towards the end of the season.

    Now they're going to hang their hat on John Beck?
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    Re: How many games would the Skins have won if they stuck with McNabb?

    Sorry I don't know enough to answer your question directly, but I would just like to say that watching the annual football dysfunction in the District from a safe distance makes me doubly glad to have the Ravens in town. The deadskins organization is so cringe-worthy they are almost enough to make me appreciate Cam Cameron.

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    Re: How many games would the Skins have won if they stuck with McNabb?

    I can kinda see your point, Wicked. From a Ravens' perspective, it makes me think of McNair's one real year in Baltimore. Billick clearly saw the signing of McNair as a "win, now" move. After about six weeks, he saw the necessity for the offensive game plan to fit Steve, not the other way around.

    Mike Shanahan is in a different place - his seat's not hot. Kyle Shanahan, in the intereviews and articles I've seen/read living down here, seems to be pretty exacting in how he believes his offense should be run, and the head coach has allowed him to be pretty uncompromising about that. The prevailing story on the radio in DC is that Kyle wanted Don to wear a playcalling wristband, Don didn't want to, and things were NEVER the same after they couldn't agree on that. Mike was not going to pitch Kyle to do things Don's way like Brian pitched Jim Fassel. Kyle's family - plus, there wasn't really a "win, now" pressure down here in Shanahan/Allen's first year running things.

    To me, everything Shanahan did last year seemed more to show the locker room that the coaches are the bosses. Winning didn't necessarily seem to be last year's goal.


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