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    Terry Jones arrested for nothing.

    How can you be arrested for trying to peacefully assemble and not even doing it yet?

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    Re: Terry Jones arrested for nothing.

    This is a double thread although my title is worded differently and
    explains in more detail why.

    It's called Breach of Peace, something else the liberals put on the

    The jury convicted him because they thought he was going to incite
    a riot, so in fact, he was convicted of a crime he hadn't yet committed but
    the jury thought he was.

    The judge thought it was so ridiculous he only fined him $1 but he refused
    to pay and still went to jail. According to the link above someone posted bond.

    Think about this. If we can be arrested for even thinking about commiting a crime
    IRS will arrest thousands just for thinking about cheating on their tax forms.
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