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Thread: Celery! Pics.

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    Re: Celery! Pics.

    I had a great time with these wonderful Raven fans.


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    Re: Celery! Pics.

    It was great hanging with the Brits. I walked around with them and received lots of free shots and beer. People kept asking me if I really came from the UK to watch the game. I just told them yeah, my grea,t great.....great grandfather came over in 1620 just to see the Ravens :)

    I went over to converse with the Raiders fans after "Pussy Man" came over complaining about the celery. None of them even liked this guy. They told us that he almost got all of their asses kicked in Philly last year for the same type of behavior.

    My face is just recovering from the sun burn and the liver from all the alcohol. Can't wait until next game!!!

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    Southeast England,where the only Raven flag flutters.

    Re: Celery! Pics.

    Mr Admin thankyou for those pics,you covered my rear end.Cause I was so taken up with the great atmosphere,I forgot to take any while enjoying all your company.Added to my collection.Cheers mate for everything.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.

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    Re: Celery! Pics.

    Sounds like fun, I'll have to catch next year's!

    Look at the very last photo, Raiderfan on the left end is flipping somebody off.

    Cleaveland in disguise, bloody brilliant!


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