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    Re: Who did Dan Dierdorf play for?

    Final point. History is "his-story." (His being the team.)
    If true, then the request of all the old Baltimore Colts to be presented as Baltimore Colts should be honored. Johnny U actually requested that the HOF remove his artifacts from the Indy presentation. And THAT was his-story!

    As most of us have admitted, this subject is not going to be solved on an online forum or petition, but it is a good discussion to have none-the-less.
    There are over 27,000 and counting that beg to differ. It's your choice to sign it. Alone it will not make a difference but it certainly can inspire consideration and a discussion or two in Canton!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sgtcolt View Post
    I do, however, want to stress one point.

    A team is not tied to a region, city, or individuals. A team is just that, "a team." Whether it stays in one city or not. The history that goes with that team should be kept under the umbrella of that team's name. As such, I believe the Hall of Fame, the NFL, and the fans should simply refer to the team by it's name.

    The Colts had an illustrious history in Baltimore, period. No arguments. The Cardinals had a lack-luster history in St. Louis. Either way, both teams should simply be remembered and spoke of as the Colts and the Cardinals.
    You make that statement as if it were a fact. To the contrary, it's just your opinion and likely a minority opinion at that. Do you think that local governments have been willing to cough up multi-billions for new stadia in the past couple decades thinking that the team to be housed in the new stadium "is not tied to a region, city, or individuals"?

    Sorry, but I don't buy it, and I believe that most people would agree with me.

    It's not just "the Colts". It's "the Baltimore Colts". With all due respect to Hoosiers: I could care less what happens to that team since it moved 23 years ago. The bond was broken by the Mayflowers. From 1947 through 1983, it's our history (we, the former Colts fans). It's not yours (the Indianapolis fans). The only person who can claim a link to both the Baltimore Colts and to your team is Jimmy Irsay.
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