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  1. A Audio weed: 1975 Miami at Colts Fog Bowl

    This is the key game of the 1975 Season. The Colts, who were coming off two horrible seasons, started the year off 1-4 and then caught fire. They had won seven games in a row and needed to beat the Dolphins to remain in the playoff hunt.

    This tight, exciting battle is broadcast by HOF Chuck Thompson and "The dean" Vince Bagli.

    I will make copies of this game on CD for the first TWO people who PM me, WITH the condition that you in turn will post and make copies for two other people who would want this, and so on.

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    If I knew how to make CDs, I'd gladly comply! If you ever post the audio on the internet or can e-mail it, I would appreciate it.

    I was so plastered by the time this game got into OT that I missed out on much of the OT action. I just kept blinking and it was another 3rd & long and Bert Jones would connect. I sat in the upper deck Section 41, so I saw Linhart's kick go true. Then everyone rushing the field to rip out the goalposts. And the C-O-L-T-S cheers at least 10-15 minutes after the game, instead of the typical mad dash to the exits. I cannot remember such an exciting finish to a game since, except possibly Ravens-Seattle (which had just a fraction of the fans in the stands as the fog game).
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