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    Week 2 questions. Please Help!

    Ok first off I'm unsure about my WR/TE situation. In our league we start 3 RE's per week (they can either be TE's and/or WR's).

    I have Plaxico Burress, Andre Johnson, Laveranues Coles, Ben Watson, Chris Cooley, and Mr. Todd Heap.

    I'm leaning torwards Burress, Johnson, and Coles; BUT Heap could be a slam dunk against the Raiders. I'm cautious with Heap because of his back. Watson is a possibility and Cooley seems to be a no-no. What do you guys think?

    Also in starting 2 RB's I have it down to Rudi Johnson (def. starting) and either Ahman Green or Julius Jones (I'm leaning towards Green). Any suggestions?

    Oh and on a side note, what would be the best 2 QB's out of these three:

    Bledsoe, Brees, Pennington. I originally had Bledsoe and Brees but just waived Brees for Pennington. Something about Brees in NO seems to be weak, but I'm starting to second-guess my impulsive move! Also, Bledsoe's situation in Dallas seems iffy.

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    Re: Week 2 questions. Please Help!

    Gotta play Heap, I think. Burress and Johnson are the best choices to go with him, though Coles and Johnson are about even money here. I would take Ahman Green at RB also. As for the QBs, I'm losing faith in Bledsoe fast, though it would be a couple more weeks before I'd consider tossing him. Then again, I don't like any of the three too much.

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    Re: Week 2 questions. Please Help!

    I hear you Gabrosin, thanks.

    I'm leaning torwards Heap over Coles or Johnson. I think Johnson has the potential to put up good numbers against the Colts because of their small secondary and the fact that the Texans will probably be behind early, thus they'll be airing it out a lot. Then again, Coles and Pennington have a great rapport and HE could put up nice numbers even though they'll probably lose.

    It's amazing that Bledsoe could be in danger of losing his job to Romo. By most accounts, he was a top 5 fantasy QB 2 weeks ago. Hopefully he'll bounce back and Pennington will stay healthy.


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