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Thread: Celery question

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    Celery question

    I was describing the past season's celery antics to some people on another board (not football related).

    The question came up as to the origin of the ritual. According to it was Chelsea fans in the early 80s and the song is an old Chas and Dave song (with obvious lyric changes).

    I thought it started at Rugby games more recently.

    Can you set me straight - I figured Dave or Paul may know since they are 'seasoned' and can remember the 80s :)
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    Re: Celery question

    I was led to believe that it was started at Chelsea FC - not sure when, may be the 80's. I am not a fan of Chas & Dave so I do not know from which song it was taken.

    I first saw Celery tossing / heard the song in 1992/3 (Hull KR at Castleford). A small group of Hull KR fans kept it going until today.

    The first Baltimore sighting was the KC game '03.:D


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