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    Your Opinion Required on Indy Star Board

    I have signed on the Indy Star Colts' board as TraditionalColt, trying to appeal to the reasonability of the posters there as it relates to our efforts on To my surprise (perhaps I'm being naive) there was a significantly more amount of push back from the posters than support. After 19 posts (I had to stop at that number) I don't think that I got very far. I ask that you sign on there and try to keep the true spirit of the site and petition alive. Do as you see fit but I would suggest that you keep in mind that you are representing Baltimore and our collective desire to restore our city's NFL Heritage.

    Here's the thread: BALTIMORE COLTS


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    Re: Your Opinion Required on Indy Star Board

    I gave up 2 years ago, for some reason they hate everything Baltimore. Through many message boards I have yet to meet a civil Colts fan. It is really sad.


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