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    I liked this system initially, but it seems I have made someones shitlist and now am receiving a negative rating for nearly every post I make regardless of its contents.

    I like this board and would like to continue to come here, but this sytem is ripe for abuse and personal attacks.

    Is there anyway to make it so that the reports are not annonymous? This may discourage people from carrying out vendettas using this system.

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    Re: Reputation

    Actually it is a very clever system. A person only has so many points and cannot keep nailing you. If they give or take points from you, they have to do the same to 20 other people before returning to you. In addition, they don't have that many points to give out. They build them back up by posting and behaving themselves.

    So it is very unlikely that one person has given you more than one 'demerit'.

    Believe me, there are a dozen other aspects to the system that make it almost abuse proof.

    We will be moving to a different system with the first board upgrade which should be soon.
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