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    Cleveland and Houston

    I have been to the Pro Football Hall of Fame and I found it interesting that the Houston Oilers were separated from the Tennessee Titans/Oilers. The records, players and team history had their own display case. The Cleveland Browns also had a display case separate fropm the Baltimore Ravens. Yet, the Colts were all in one. Could it have been that the Colts, to that point, had never accomplished much? I went in 2005, so all the team had done to that point was choke of big games. To the point, why does the league have such low regard for Baltimore? We didn't get a team for over 120 years, we lost the name and colors, and, it would seem, all the records and players to Indianapolis while Cleveland and Houston maintained their heritage. Is this fair?

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    Well, Houston did (apparently) get to keep the Houstion Oilers records, but not the colors and name -- i.e Houston Texans.

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    Re: Cleveland and Houston

    NFL finally got the move thing right involving names and records and just hasn't gotten to the Colts in separate display cases but they should be right next to the indy display


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