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    A suggestion

    The efforts are a bit nebulous as to the aim. Is it to get get a separate exhibit for the Baltimore Colts or to have the Baltimore portion of the Colts exhibit put into a Baltimore section along with the Ravens?

    I think a call for each CITY to have its appropriate section and forget the franchise it is with would be a better and more clear direction. The current HOF objections is that there are at least 85 city/franchise combinations and that would be very difficult to do. However, if each city is represented that number would be cut to less than half, perhaps 40 or less.

    The Cardinals would have 3 separate sections in 3 separate city exhibits, sharing space in the St. Louis section with the Rams and the Chicago section with the Bears with the current stuff in the Arizona/Phoenix section. The Colts would be in the Baltimore section with the few appropriate things on the Indy shelf in the corner, etc.

    Okay, forgetting my little attempt at humor, I think this might be something the HOF would be more likely to consider and I can't think of one logical objection to it.
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    Re: A suggestion

    Makes sense to me. It would also mean that the championships of 58, 59, 68 and 71 would have to be in the Baltimore section as well. The petition did not directly address what should be done with the championships either. Nor was it addressed in the section "What the site is NOT about". Your idea nips this prblem in the bud.


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