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    What is NOT about...

    We are not:

    1. Trying to bring the Colts back to Baltimore
    2. Trying to restore the Colts logos and colors
    3. Attempting to affect Indianapolis' history in any way
    4. Attempting to direct any lingering frustration towards Colts’ ownership (past or present).

    Colts Heritage is about distinguishing the Baltimore Colts Hall of Famers as Baltimore Colts.

    Please check out the site and tell all your friends: COLTSHERITAGE.COM
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    Re: What is NOT about...

    LOVE IT!!!

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    Re: What is NOT about...

    Great Job Tony!

    I've been spending the last few minutes sending out the link to everyone I know that's not on this board.
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    Re: What is NOT about...

    Thanks to all....let's get to that infinite degree of separation...links to all...if we can create that critical mass, we could be successful...

    thank you very much....let's keep it going...

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    Re: What is NOT about...

    I am a Colt Fan both of the Baltimore Colts of old and the Indy Colts. I have signed the Petition. I live in Maryland and I want to say that some people still don't get it including the old players of the Baltimore Colts. I do think that there should be a separate section for the Baltimore Colts but it should be in a display case next to the Indy Colts not the Raven. Ravens are a separate team and one that is the old Cleveland Browns. The NFL finally got the name and records thing right after two tries or so. True players like John Unitas and Tom Matte, Bruce Laird, Ect. played all their career in Baltimore and should be recognized in the hall of fame for who ever is there as Baltimore colts but like it or not the Old Baltimore Colts share their history with The city of Indianapolis. I was 28 when the unfortunate move took place. It was wrong of Robert Isary to do that but what all the old Colt fans will not admit that it took two to tango and Baltimore and for that fact the state of Maryland were just as guilty for the move. Also the NFL itself is to blame. but no matter what the Colts of Baltimore share their history with Indianapolis.

    I do believe that the Record in the books where ever they reside should be either Baltimore Colts if the Player set the record set it in Baltimore and has not been broken by an Indy player and if an Indy player breaks it then it goes in the record book as an Indy player. now I also think it is time for Jim Irsay to help the situation out but i am not sure how yet. but all of Baltimore should be ashamed that it has players that are in and i quote all the Ravens personnel and management and radio and tv announcers state as the Raven ring of honor. The Ravens have no history in the Baltimore Colts and they should be ashamed to do that. Now if there was a Md sport ring of honor away from the stadium then that is alright. but the Ravens as i said before are the old Cleveland browns and if anything should have players in the ring such as Jim Brown. Now there will not be any easy solution to this whole thing.

    I was listen to espn 1300 and they were talking about the Petition and they said said the change in the HOF should have the Baltimore colts next to the Ravens but that would be wrong. there should be a separate display case with the Baltimore Colts stuff in it but next to the Indianapolis Colts not the Ravens.

    I saw a video after the playoff game between the Ravens and colts and i was ashamed to say i was from Md. I thought the Ravens fans were going to beat up anybody in any thing Colts. It is one thing to say the Colts suck but to actually move towards the opposing teams fans like they were going to kill them is just wrong. I am not making this up at all. In fact if you listen to the end of the games radio call the announcers soundly like they were in tears. I thought it was a good game and in the same video i saw some of the true Baltimore fans i know are around as they congratulated the Colts fan on a hard fought victory.
    Now i hope i can get tickets to this years regular season matchup between the ravens and colts and take my son who is a ravens fan. Yes i will be cheering for the colts and maybe booing the Ravens but it is just going to be in good fun. no matter who wins it should be a good game. but in the End i still will say to all the people in Baltimore the only thing the Hof should do is separate the two cities teams but kleep the together with a note That the team moved to Indianapolis. I also think the NFL messed with Baltimore and not giving either the Jacksonville or Carolina team to Baltimore which would have been the right thing for th NFL to do.

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    Re: What is NOT about...


    You make some good points but i'm afraid you might have a few facts a twisted around a little.

    1. M&T Bank stadium was built and is owned by the State of Maryland, not the Ravens. If we want to honor players who played in Baltimore, we can.

    2. Jim Brown played in Cleveland, not Baltimore. When Art Modell moved the franchise to Baltimore, heft the name, color and history in Cleveland. Please get your facts straight before making such a ridiculous statement that Baltimore should honor Jim Brown, or any Cleveland Brown, in our stadium. That would be lying.

    3. No disrespect intended, but please wake up my friend. Any attempt to revise history is, plain and simple, A LIE!

    Othr than that, good post.


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