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    @ Atlanta

    The Atlanta game will probably be the only shot I have at seeing a game this year. I will be in school in Columbus, GA and should be done on the 11th and graduate on the 12th, it is a night game so I might be able to make it, if I can find tickets.

    Anybody heading to ATL?

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    Re: @ Atlanta

    I'm going with Cole's ( group, you might want to give Ticketmaster a shot, if not try Stubhub as the Falcons are the third most popular football team in Georgia, behind Georgia and Georgia Tech. :)

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    Re: @ Atlanta

    Went a few years ago. Don't expect much from the stadium. Personally, I just hate the dome experience. It's just odd. City's not bad though. We do an away trip every year for our anniversary. This year is Carolina. Was hoping to do Houston but a little too close to Christmas for us. Have fun and bring us home a win!!
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