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    Any improvements need to be made to my team?

    Here is the current state of my fantasy football team after some trading.

    QB: Carson Palmer, Brad Johnson
    RB: Ladanian Tomlinson, Jamal Lewis, Laurence Maroney, Chris Brown (some idiot dropped McAllister, so I've got a claim for him on waivers...)
    WR: Terrell Owens, Plexiglass, Muhammad, Coles
    TE: Heap, Ben Watson
    K: Brown (Seattle)
    Def: Baltimore, San Diego

    any suggestions?

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    Re: Any improvements need to be made to my team?

    This is a really solid team IMO. I would look to drop Maroney or Brown and look for somone like Brandon Jacobs or Samkon Gado, etc.

    Owens and Burress are solid and Coles might be back to his old self. Keep a close eye on Muhammad. You are stacked at DEF.


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    Re: Any improvements need to be made to my team?

    No way would I drop Maroney from this team, he's looking very promising in New England. Chris Brown can go, Deuce is a serviceable replacement for him if you can get him, but Maroney gives you adequate depth either way. Your receivers are solid, and everything else is basically at an elite level, especially if both your defenses can continue to build on strong opening performances; I had the Baltimore/San Diego duo in a couple of my leagues, including one where they BOTH played this week... needless to say I'm in first there.

    I don't think you really need to make any further moves with this team, unless something outstanding comes along or your guys suffer an injury or two. And if that happens, you still have a luxury at TE you can work with.


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