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    Re: 2010 Game trip - Gordon

    What a game to go to! You got to see the great man play GREAT!!!

  2. Re: 2010 Game trip - Gordon

    That's us arrived back in Scotland :(

    I'm not even gonna lie, we were both heartbroken to leave last night.

    But I wanted to take some time to thank everyone who made our trip everything it was:

    Mr and Mrs T (I can never remember if that's Lady Raven on here or not!) for taking me and Katie to the Navy game and then giving us a tour of Annapolis - the game wasn't the most exciting game in the world but the experience of the march on and everything was excellent to see and the tour of Annapolis was lovely!

    Toe and Susan for putting us up for two nights and for taking us up to the Jets game. I will forever remember the big group of us walking through the Jets fans to the chorus of boos and heckling! :happyanim And even more so the look on all their faces as they realised that we have ruined their new stadium opening on national TV. Katie was very glad to have Susan for company while Toe and I chowed down on some crab!

    FellsPointRaven and his wife for taking us out to a BBQ and FPR for taking us out to Max's for the Bengals game, bowling (Katie sends her apologies again!), meeting up with us after we landed, etc, etc, etc.

    You're all fantastic people and I can't wait to come back over again soon - hopefully as soon as next year.

    If we are back next year then we'll be there for a home game.

    Thanks again everyone!
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    Re: 2010 Game trip - Gordon

    Glad you got home safely.

    Katie shouldn't apologise - she bowled a strike, did she not?


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