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Thread: Paul Kruger

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    Re: Paul Kruger

    Here's a piece from Aaron on Kruger:

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    Re: Paul Kruger

    Quote Originally Posted by Stealthbirds80 View Post
    Looks like me and others being down on the guy might have awoken him. YOU think he reads message boards LOL. Seriously if he can step up that would be huge. Good luck Kruger.
    I don't know if Kruger reads the message boards, but I'm guessing he can read the writing on the proverbial wall: the offseason's bulk-up has to result in improved strength and on-field performance. Perhaps this is an indication such hopes are coming to fruition.

    As mentioned some time earlier in this thread, I had doubts about where Kruger could fit in this year. But if he can impress the coaches with improved strength & technique in the weeks to come, it's hard to see them giving up on him. The loss of Kindle may factor into this as well. Kindle, as more of a natural OLB, might not have been a direct competitor to Kruger. But it's still a case of one less guy who won't be around to compete for front 7 roster spots.

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    Re: Paul Kruger

    I curious to see how he does at the POA, especially against the run, he'll be one of the guys ill be looking at the most on thursday to see how he uses his hand, leverage and strength. His biggest assets seems to be his motor but he's not a freak(though he'll be an above athlete as a 3-4 end)so he has to show he's added more pass rush moves.


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