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    Madden 11 Team Ratings Released

    For those of you that play the Madden series and religiously buy it every year (like myself), here are the initial team ratings for the game.

    I knew the Ravens had beefed up their team in real life, but I never knew it would reflect in Madden so much that we'd move up to the #3 team overall rank-wise. :ww:
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    Re: Madden 11 Team Ratings Released

    Nice. I can't wait. I hope they fixed the catch animations this year. 2010 looked rather awkward in some of those catching animations on certain situations such as that over the shoulder catch. That is totally over used and odd looking to boot. That game flow looks nice when I checked it out on the EA site. Calling plays into your helmet. On an off topic discussion for Jordan fans he is on the cover of the new NBA 2K11. I dont even play it like that and I'm grabbing it if they put him in there as a player.

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    Good job by the Ravens for what they did to their lineup in real life. I'm also a Vikings fan and don't follow them so much. Wonder why they got a -2?.


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