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    Hey Everybody - new here

    Like the title says I'm new here. Heard a local radio interview recently with one of your reps and I was intrigued. Former Baltimore Colt fan, been following the Ravens ever since I felt it was OK to do so (after Cleveland got a team again). Really been following closely in the offseason starting last year, so I've become a more rabid fan I guess, for better or worse. Absolutely hate the Steelers, their fans even more. Belong to another high profile Raven website but can't stand the coddling of aforementioned Steeler fans there. So here I am.

    Sounds like a lot of great info passes through here and I look forward to following everything closely. Have a good day everybody.

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    Re: Hey Everybody - new here

    Hope you enjoy it here. To me this is the best place for Ravens news, insight and good old fashion debate amongst fans.
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    Re: Hey Everybody - new here

    Thanks man! Lookin forward to the draft! 2 more days...


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