Just to let you guys know that the rugby season has just ended so I'll get on with my my UKR role soon :celery

Elliot's team finally won a tournament (after being runner-up in 5 over the last two seasons). We won the Huddersfield Centenary Festival - played 5 won 5 aggregate score 103-0 !!!

Even better the last match was against a team that had won all of their games to that point so, although it was a league basis, the last match was essentially a final. It was a rough affair with several 'near' fights. We won the match though.

As I said in my end of year speech ... when (mid-season) told by the head coach that I had to coach the backs (when the backs coach left) I did what any good assistant coach should do = nicked the best two forwards and shoved 'em into the backs.

It all about coaching