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    Do yourself a favor....

    and check out these guys on YouTube-WR Danario Alexander, Mizzou, DE Tyson Alualu, Cal., and CB Perrish Cox, Okla. St. I sure hope Ozzie's been watching them.

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    Re: Do yourself a favor....

    i think we can rest assured that Ozzie and the scouting department has done due diligence on EVERY prospect in the draft...

    Just because a player has nice highlight videos on youtube does not make them a great fit for the Ravens. I'm not saying these players aren't good, but there's a lot more than college success that plays into the decision to draft players.

    Danario Alexander has a nice highlight reel vs Navy, but I was kind've shocked to see...of the 5 or 6 catches they played, all except one were screen passes. Looking at his draftcountdown profile, he's rated as the 15th best WR. Might be nice value if we can get a 3rd round pick, but I guess I'd need to see more of his down field catching ability. Keep in mind, he's torn his ACL in his left knee twice already.

    Tyson Alualu has a huge fan on this board, so I've seen some of his highlight vids already. There's some concerns about how he'd do as a DE in the NFL, seeing as his most effective plays came when he was lined up a few yards off LOS. Looking at his profile, it is also mentioned he doesn't have many moves as a pass rusher, might not have ideal size. Seems like another OLB/DE project. Could be nice, but I also think we need to decide are we moving to 4-3 or sticking with 3-4?
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