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    Trade that's going through for me

    So, I'm crazy deep at RB in a 10 man league

    Jamal, Tomlinson, McAllistor, Musa Smith (im not letting myself get handcuffed)

    Short on WR: Burress, Muhammad, Coles, Lelie, Toomer, keyshaun.

    QBs are Palmer and Delhomme.

    So basically works like this for me:
    I trade McAllister and Delhomme to get TO and Marion Barber. Then I drop lelie and pick up Brad Johnson off of waivers.

    Other guy has brees and vick at QB so there is a good chance one will get dropped. So i may pick either of them...but we'll see about all that.

    Any takes on this?
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    Re: Trade that's going through for me

    Well, the trade went through, so here is my team now...

    QB: Carson Palmer, Brad Johnson
    WR: TO, Burress, Muhammad, Coles
    RB: LT, Jamal Lewis, Chris Brown, L. Maroney, musa smith
    TE: Heap, Ben Watson
    K: Brown (seattle)
    Def: Ravens

    So I'll probably be dropping Brown and or smith at some point to pick up D or a kicker later....

    But I think I am pretty solid with this as a base starting lineup
    Qb: Palmer
    WR: TO, Burress, Muhammad
    Rb: LT, Jamal
    TE: Heap (unless watson starts really going nuts
    K: brown
    Def: baltimore

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    Re: Trade that's going through for me

    You made a very good move here. You can probably afford to let go of Chris Brown for another defense. Your starters are extremely solid and your depth is good. Coles looked pretty good against the Titans, so you may be okay there... play him over Muhammad until further notice. You still have nice trade bait in Watson, whose value went WAY up when Branch got dealt. Consider packaging Watson and Muhammad to a needy team for a top 20 WR.


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