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    September newsletter

    Just thought I'd post up our newsletter for anyone interested!

    UKRavens Newsletter - September 2006.

    A new season is now upon us we’ll revert to the monthly format now the season has started.

    Ravens / NFL News!

    The Ravens go into the new season with a mixed record in the pre-season games (2-2). The worry is the offence (no surprise there) and in particular the O’line. Can they give veteran QB Steve McNair time to settle and pass or will they get him killed - like Kyle Boller was last year?

    The other big question is Can we win on the road? We hold the current record for the longest losing streak in away games - oops!

    The good news is we are fully fit going into the game at Tampa this weekend. If you are looking for a bet the handicap is +3/ +3.5 points.

    Early season schedule:
    Sunday 10th @Tampa Bay 1 pm local - 6pm UK
    Sunday 17th Oakland 1 pm local - 6pm UK ( we’ll be there).
    Sunday 24th @Cleveland 4:05 pm local - 9.05 UK
    Sunday 1st October San Diego 1 pm - 6 pm UK

    Season opener is the Stealers at Miami on Thursday Evening / Friday morning. Kick-off is 8.30pm local - ‘Stupid’ O’clock UK time.

    UKRavens news:

    Message Boards:
    There has been a ‘sea change’ of late with a loss of quality on the Insiders board. For this reason some major board posters have moved to the new message board attached to Ravens ‘24x7‘. The UKRavens as a group have been invited to join this board. As well as this, they have kindly created a whole section for the UKRavens - which already has quite a few posts.
    We should all consider which boards are best for us to visit, and no-one is being forced to go where they do not want to go. This does however account for the reduction in traffic on both the insiders and UK message board.

    Dave C’s 40th
    For my 40th (Yes 40!) I had a Ravens Tailgate at our house in Huddersfield. I encouraged my family to wear Ravens shirt / T’s / Sweat’s luckily we had just enough for everyone to wear something. Special mention to my Sister-in-law Angie who wore a Raiders shirt for a brief time - just long enough to have celery thrown at her.
    For eats we had Crab cakes, BBQ Ribs, Chicken wings in the afternoon. This was followed by Jambalaya, Chilli and a few other things in the evening. All washed down with plenty of American beer and wine!!!!!!

    Trip to Baltimore ‘06:
    We are all looking forward to the match, prior to which we will be in LOT ‘J’ for the tailgate - all dressed in Ravens gear, and a plentiful supply of Union Jack Flags, Celery and beer.

    We are going for a night out around Fell’s Point / Canton area in downtown Baltimore on the Friday evening. Quite a few of the Insiders / 24x7 board members are trying to meet up with us.

    With a little persuasion, and good weather, I hope to get the guys on the ’Duck Tour’ either Friday or Saturday morning.

    I have put on a photo of myself and Tania at my do last week.

    Let’s all look forward to the new season!!!!!!

    Cheers - thanks for reading!

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    Re: September newsletter

    Look for Ravens Roost #18 we are also in lot "J"


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