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A lot of that has been playcalling though. How often is Kelley Washington and DWil on the field? Just on 3rd downs...I think we suffer a big hit with Mason gone, but we also need to develop a young guy with Flacco. And let's face it, trading for a Marshall, Bowe, Jackson, whoever is not going to be easy, and that's not even considering the contract they'd command shortly after coming here.

Not EVERY player trade works out the same way they played before. Just look at Cutler going from Denver to Chicago. Imagine we trade for Marshall, who turns into a slightly better version of Mark Clayton here. We're now out a first for a bust WR.
I know. But maybe part of that playcalling is just a lack of confidence in the receivers on the field. It's hard to have that confidence when Mark Clayton has a total of 35 catches for the year, and when D-Will drops a couple key passes.

I just don't know how we can lose Mason and get better with the receivers we have.