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Thread: Ravens v PATS

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    Re: Ravens v PATS

    How amazing was that!!!

    What a team of heroes, now lets bring on the Colts.

    What a great way to spend three hours and that first quarter I still can't believe happened now!!!!!!!!

    Lets go Ravens!!!

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    Re: Ravens v PATS

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenTD View Post
    The new Raven KING.

    What a legend! :D

    Easily the best performance we've put in this season, we made the Pats look more like the Seahawks or Lions! Am nervous about the Colts game, however...just got a feeling that our penalties problems might well come back if we go down by a couple of TD's at any point. The D needs to be huge again, though Manning will definitely be tougher to rough up than Brady was.

    Still, gotta be delighted with having a decent chance of making the big show, when we could easily have missed out on the playoffs had the Steelers not capitulated!


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