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    @Raiders on Sunday, on-line?

    Having missed out on the PIT game (I watched the scores on SKY munted, whilst doing the family thing:grbac:) I am ready to be on-line for the final match of the season.

    Anyone else going to be around on the net?

    I know it's a late game, and much may be already decided by then.
    "We ain't stinking Redskins fans in this Town sonny!"

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    Re: @Raiders on Sunday, on-line?

    I am watching online, great TD from Willis then, loved the stiff arm.

    Love these shit or bust games, get nervous at times but wouldn't swap the feeling.

    Come on you Ravens.

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    Re: @Raiders on Sunday, on-line?

    I'm online and nervous as hell!!!

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    Re: @Raiders on Sunday, on-line?

    Nervous old evening, but we got there in the end.

    Now let the play off run begin, remember saying after the Pats game earlier in the year and the dodgy calls to protect Brady etc that our time for revenge will come. Well next week is that time, bring it on.


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