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    Ben Watson or Chris Cooley?

    I currently have Cooley on my roster along with Todd Heap.

    I'm having second thoughts about Cooley because of Washington's slowness to grasp their offensive system in the preseason. With the Redskins having more solid receivers this season, I'm wondering if Cooley will be getting as many opportunities.

    Conversely, I read that the Patriots are dedicated to getting Ben Watson the ball more, especially in the redzone. I know Watson is a sick athlete with good hands.

    Going by last seasons stats Cooley should get the nod, hands down. Though I think Watson may have a break-out season and could have a lot of touchdowns. The question is: should I hand on to Cooley or pick up Watson?

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    Re: Ben Watson or Chris Cooley?

    I'd go with Waston.

    He's probably going to be the pats #1 reciever in terms of fantasy points

    You might also be able to package cooley in a trade pretty well. People do remember his numbers form last consider that too

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    Re: Ben Watson or Chris Cooley?

    I'd take Cooley, but either one is strictly a backup. If Watson is a FA, see if you can swing a trade to send Cooley elsewhere, especially if he has a hot week, then grab Watson to replace him. But a shrewd owner will just take Watson to fill any TE void.


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