I was just reading this reader letter at the Baltimore Sun website. It's a letter criticizing black people for not doing more for gay rights. I hear this sentiment a lot from the extreme left.

It amazes me that people like this can't understand the basic premise that gay rights is not a civil rights issue. If I was black I would be appalled if it was called such by some people. People are born black, there is no debating that fact. There is a lot of debate about being born gay. I am younger so I know plenty of people who were straight, then gay, then straight again, then bisexual, then gay, etc. etc. It's so common these days.

And I don't even know what the hell civil rights they are referring to. I don't see any bathrooms saying "heterosexual only." Are they solely referring to marriage and getting into the military? I'm sorry but trying to to equate the civil rights movement to the current gay rights movement is absurd.