Newsletter for November:


At 4-4 the Ravens now wallow in third position in the AFCN - looking down the barrel of a sub 0.5 season. Yesterday’s terrible loss was not only the virtual end of our playoff hopes, but it put a dagger through the heart of our continued growth in years to come. Stripped of our normally brutal defence this season we look behind everyone else in almost every other position.

On TV:
Next Monday’s ‘Bargain Basement’ clash against the Browns is Live on C5. Can’t see many other people tuning in for this one !

Web-site :
I hope some of you have seen the tailgate picture that is now on the top of the front page of the web-site. It was taken by Niall’s girlfriend Lisa. It was a particularly well taken shot that I feel is the UK (and Irish) Ravens. Well done Lisa.

NFL Wembley 2009/10
Hope the guys who went to the game had a really good time. I have to say that the game was not one for the ages. At least you got to see a lot of points!

Does the divisional rotation mean that we are candidates for a game next season?

Ravens trip in 2009/10
There has been a tread on 24*7 about our trip to the Ravens game. I really should have put up some details prior to now. I was waiting for the game last night … my mistake!
Time still to say how well looked after we were by Toe, Ben & CJ. And a big thank you for your efforts. I hope to host you in the near future.

There is now a open conversation about going over for a game(s) next year. As announced live on WNST - I’m taking Tania this time around - (fixtures and finance permitting.) Gordon and Katie are also in the mix, as are Niall /Lisa and James.