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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    THE OFFICIAL RELEASE (sorry I am late with this)

    For Immediate Release


    The Baltimore Ravens signed WR David Tyree Tuesday afternoon, general manager/executive vice president Ozzie Newsome announced.

    Tyree, originally a sixth-round draft pick by the Giants in 2003, enters 2009 having played in 73 games, posting 54 receptions for 650 yards and four touchdowns in the regular season.

    The 6-0, 206-pounder also has four catches for 47 yards and one touchdown in the playoffs. Those postseason receptions include one of the most memorable catches in NFL history, when he pulled in a leaping 32-yard pass on third-and-five, trapping the ball against his helmet, to keep the Giantsí game-winning drive alive in Super Bowl XLII.

    Tyree also has special team prowess, recording 85 tackles in his 6 seasons with the Giants.

    To make room for Tyree on the active roster, Baltimore waived TE Tony Curtis.

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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by pyite32 View Post
    Hey Houston, what did Harbs say about him as a WR, anything? Or was it all ST help?
    I am paraphrasing, but he basically said he saw him a lot as a divisional opponent, knows his work ethic, etc. What caught my attention was his health (which Harbs said is a non factor) and Harbs talking about his work ethic. Maybe Harbs sees him as a project.

    I do not think he commented on if he will be just a WR or just a special team player and I'd be surprised he would handcuff himself by committing him to one or the other.

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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by baltimore_hokie View Post
    Tyree had a whipping 4 catches for 35 yards in 2007, the season in which he made the famous catch that is the ONLY reason we are talking about him. If he doesn't make that silly grab, we probably wouldn't even know his name. This signing really will have no impact on this team.
    On Offense...

    The only reason we are talking about him is that he's a very good gunner. That is why he is on the team now that BA is out for the season. I'd be surprised if he gets even a single snap on offense.

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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    He is a career STer. He was not brought on to catch passes; if he's out there at WR then my guess is at least two WRs ahead of him are injured.

    He replaces Ayanbadejo as a veteran leader on special teams. That's all.

    edit: What jonboy said. :)

    His definitions and arguments were so clear in his own mind that he was unable to understand how any reasonable person could honestly differ with him.

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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    Sometimes Oz and Co. have me saying what?! All he will do is contribute on ST. Really we need another ST guy. ST hasn't been great this year I get that but this team has more glaring holes. Maybe he moves up the depth chart with a trade of Clayton or D Wil. That will most likely not happen. I wonder how long his deal is for. He's someone I can see not being here next year.
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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    Quote Originally Posted by BmoreBrawla View Post
    Maybe we can cut D.Will and sign Matt Jones. Why did we bring in another short receiver?
    From what I've heard, the Ravens are not impressed with Matt Jones. Also, not sure if he's still a cokehead or not.

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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    This signing doesnt really make the team that much better. Not to psyched, rather have Roscoe Parrish than this guy.

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    Re: Tyree Signs with Ravens

    With the injury to BA, the Ravens needed another special team stud. Maybe Tyree fits that mold. There ain't nothing sexy about special teams until a Joshua Cribbs runs though a seam and Haushka whiffs.

    I think this move needs to be seen in that context and not that of a receiver. We have a week left to make an impact there....I hope there is something else going on.


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