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    Wink Ravens v Bengals on SKY

    In case you live in a hole, the Ravens are live on SKY 3 this week. As usual it means some of us will not be on-line for the game. We currently are not scheduled for any live games anytime soon.

    I'll be on-line for the Vikings game, I'll try to find a 'dubius' TV or radio stream for anyone who does not like paying for things


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    Re: Ravens v Bengals on SKY

    I'll be watching so won't be online. In fairness even during games on gamepass I only check in at halftime. Just can't find the will to minimise the video long enough incase I miss anything.

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    Re: Ravens v Bengals on SKY

    Not having sky i am in my nuclear bunker till the Ravens game is put on archive.
    And last week that was monday morning.I guess sky have also stipulated to Gamepass that the game cannot be put on until after a certain time.

    And people wonder why I hate sly,I mean SKY?

    If you are watching the Falcon v 49ers game after the Ravens on Sky.Look out for 49er LB Patrick Willis 52.And tell me who he reminds you of.The number should give it away.:celery

    I think I will be watching Cowboys v Chiefs. I just want to see Jones age that little bit more if they lose.And Pats v Bronco's if the Ravens game isn't archived by then.Even though the Texan v Cards game looks a more exciting matchup.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.


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