I have been here since the beginning. I love the way D-3 has constantly implemented your ideas , and those of others.

REFS: Everybody talks about the INEGRITY of the GAME. There is NONE!!! When you see a game clearly thrown to the HOME Team by the combination...culmination of the ROTTEN; ONE SIDED Calls made by Ron Winter and his crew!!! They should back up in the pay line when they Accept their Game Checks.

I remember NORM SCHACTER in Green Bay; on the FG call that was about 5 feet wide. Bad Calls are nothing new.
In closing, when you see Agreegious calls, one after another...either they are listening to Las Vegas, or the NFL at MADISON Ave, who wants all of the Teams Even in December to create BIG TV RATINGS.
I wanted to PUKE Sunday after refviewing the Tape of the game. Even my grandson could see what what going on.

For my Team, I don't want any "CALLS"...just call the game straight up and let the best team win!:ot