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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Patriots

    What was up with Ray's eyes? I thought he was going to morph into that lizard in the SOBE commercial, that's what they looked like

    My youngest son Kyle w/ Michael Phelps after the Browms game 12/24/11

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Patriots

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Van Cleef View Post
    The fact is he took two or three steps forward whilst going down, he knows that hitting the QB around the knees is an injury. He also knows Hollywood Tom makes soccer players look like stalwarts, he could have gone to the side of Brady and avoided hitting him in the legs. That was what the rule was made for, to stop people going in at the knees when they can avoid it.

    It's a shit rule, but it was applied correctly.

    I've watched Pats games a lot the last few years, brady is always calling for and looking for flags, he whines and bitches to the refs, and he'll get his way in the end. It's disgraceful, but you have to know going in he'll do that.
    The key word here is avoid it, if you are going to the ground and barely touch the guy, i'm pretty sure he was avoiding it. If you watch the play I'm sure Suggs could have combined some of his many muscles to dive into the legs of Brady if that is what he was triing to do.


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