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    Saw a bunch of UK Ravens at the Clowns game. Looks like you were having a great time. I know I was...

    One guy had a great flag drapped over his shoulder. It looked like the body of the flag was the black and gold of the City of Baltimore flag, with the upper left corner the Union Jack. If you know whose flag that was, I would love to see where he got it; it's a great flag and I would love to get one.


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    Re: Flags

    Well done for spotting us.

    The flag to which you refer is the 'Calvert' flag of Maryland - the original state flag of the state, prior to our two nations 'disagreement' about taxes.

    I got it from a site on US ebay, it's very straightforward once you add calvert to an ebay product search. I just looked - there were 20 under the search ' calvert flag'



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