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    Angry Articles on main 24x7 forum

    Are there enough articles in the 24x7 forum?

    If we want to read articles, we can click on the home page. If there is an article that is important--I can understand posting a link to it- but posting every damn article?

    It's getting to the point where it's just spam IMO.

    No offense to ANYONE, I love this board, but come on guys. Clean it up.

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    Re: Articles on main 24x7 forum

    I happen to agree.

    It must be set so that there is an automatic "Post" whenever a new article is posted. It actually pushes all the legitimate threads off the page. It is to the point where 1/2 of the threads are links to articles.

    So if the board is moving slow, and there are a bunch of articles that week the whole board is...articles.

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    Re: Articles on main 24x7 forum

    OK, we'll look into a better way of doing it. I'm on the fence but I see your point.

    Always trying to please :)
    Admin Steve :uk:
    Screwing up Ravens message boards since 1999.

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    Re: Articles on main 24x7 forum

    I brought this up a few weeks ago. It's pretty ridiculous man. It makes the "article" writer look very desperate for attention while pushing out the truly important people on a message board: THE POSTERS! In addition, many of the "articles" (excluding Aaron's) have absolutely nothing to do with Ravens football, it's more like someone's personal diary. If I ever get that bored, I know where to go to read it. Not trying to be mean, just giving my sentiments and echoing many others'. Please leave the message board to the knowledgable posters and let those who like to write about their life in diaries (not that there's anything wrong with that :p ) have their own space. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Articles on main 24x7 forum

    Dear LL,

    We've listened and we've adjusted per your request.

    Please carry on with your intelligent discussion and we promise not to interrupt such discussion with our OT diaries again.

    What were we thinking?:grbac:


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