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    Ravens Rally in San Diego

    I have a group of 20+ Ravens fans and 1 Charger fan going to "Altitude" for a Ravens Rally on Saturday at 6 p.m. We are trying to grow this as big as possible, and we need some help. It's a very cool bar that overlooks Petco Park in the Gaslamp district.
    It gets a little pricey after happy hour ends, but we plan on hopping around once happy hour ends anyway. There is no better feeling then to go into somebody else city and take it over! Tennessee last year was awesome for that.
    Altitude is located at 660 K St. in downtown San Diego. For more info, visit Altitude's website:

    Anybody else know of any big Ravens fans group plans for Friday or Saturday?

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    Re: Ravens Rally in San Diego

    My girlfriend and I are both Ravens fans traveling to the game as well and were looking for a group or rally somewhere. We were planning on heading to one of the rooftop lounges anyhow...we could boost ur numbers by a couple. Haven't heard of any other big groups yet... but i'm sure they'll be around.

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    Re: Ravens Rally in San Diego

    My girlfriend and I (in Los Angeles), along with a few other are coming down as well. We'll come and rally for sure- but since when is there happy hour on Saturday??

    EDIT: Yeah dude, I just called- and there is no happy hour on Saturday. Would be nice. Looks like an awesome place- but since the Padres aren't playing at home that day- not sure it's worth the price. Any other options?
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    Re: Ravens Rally in San Diego

    Altitude is a rather pricey and tourist place. I know plenty of better places to hang out on saturday. Downtown we can go to the Gaslamp Tavern, or Fred's, or The Local. There are also plenty of other places outside downtown. I've lived here for 5 years and know the area, if you need or want some help let me know.



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