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    Anybody going to San Diego?

    My bro and I will be filling up on fish tacos in Ocean Beach on after we land in SD Saturday noon and will be in Sec V13 on gameday. Any place where folks will be congregating on Sat or Sun?

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    Re: Anybody going to San Diego?

    My brother and I are going. Sitting in LV57. Leaving on Thursday. Not sure what we are doing gameday. May just hit the lots and see whats up.

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    Re: Anybody going to San Diego?

    I have a group of 20+ Ravens fans and 1 Charger fan going to "Altitude" for a Ravens Rally on Saturday at 6 p.m. We are trying to grow this as big as possible, and we need some help. It's a very cool bar that overlooks Petco Park in the Gaslamp district.
    It gets a little pricey after happy hour ends, but we plan on hopping around once happy hour ends anyway. There is no better feeling then to go into somebody else city and take it over! Tennessee last year was awesome for that.
    Altitude is located at 660 K St. in downtown San Diego. For more info, visit Altitude's website:
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    Re: Anybody going to San Diego?

    The Altitude bat is a bit pricey- and there i sno happy hour- but maybe we'll check it out... who knows. I'd prefer a more down to earth place to party on saturday.

    As for sunday- ill be in the tailgate zone section A2 with a beer pong and baggo set up and reday for any ravens fans to play along. Im also in plaza60 during the game. Hit me up. Tailgating youll find a bunch of us!
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