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    Fantasy Football Bikini Prognosticators

    What's up guys? I just finished producing the first episode for a new blog site my friend created. It's called hottubsleeperpicks!

    If you get a chance, and feel like seeing hot chicks in bikinis talking about fantasy football- check it out at and let me know what you think.

    It may or may not give you a good idea for a bye week fill in- but at least you'll have some eye candy. I will also say- come back for week two- as the bikini chicks will only get hotter!
    "Sorry officer, nothing wrong here. I'm just watching the Ravens game!"

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    Clavamox Feline Uri.

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    Stromectol Canada!

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    Re: Fantasy Football Bikini Prognosticators

    his is my first time being a commissioner of a league normally one of my buddies does it and the rest of the group gets the free ride. Now he fell of the face of the earth and the rest of us are trying to set one up. I went on the main Fantasy football page and tried to set up a custom league and spent 15 minutes going through the settings only to get the the very end were it says it costs $150! I know there is a way to start a free league but I cant find it? Any help would be much appreciated!!!

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    Re: Fantasy Football Bikini Prognosticators

    I look forward to your predictions
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