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    Re: Post game impressions.

    Quote Originally Posted by baltimore_hokie View Post
    ayandabejo is a liability whenever he is on the field on defense. the controversial santonio holmes td in the second loss to the steelers last year was him not being disciplined enough to stay in his area of the zone, thus opening up a gap for the dipshit to score (or supposedly score). i do not like having him out on the field.

    keep his ass on special teams....

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    Re: Post game impressions.

    Quote Originally Posted by RavensDomination View Post
    Walker is terrible. Ugh...

    I hate putting too much stock in what I saw, but he sucks.

    Cousins is worrying me because he hasn't shown anything, he looked bad last year and bad this year. I pray we never need him in a real game, we're in trouble if that happens.

    The Sanchez TD was due to confusion, before the ball was snapped we had like two LB's and a DB standing in a circle practically. That play didn't impress me as much as it did the announcers because there is no way with Ray and Reed in there he completes that throw, a. because the confusion wouldn't have happened with Ray in there and b. the safety (couldn't tell who it was on that play, maybe Nakamura?) didn't see the RB coming out of the backfield and took some other WR crossing the field. Reed would have recognized that play and maybe had a pick.

    Frank Walker embarassed our Defense. CUT CUT CUT.
    even the # 2 guys played very well last week, but when coverage sucks you look bad.

    How about Washington playing like a big boy, he is definently thoughing that +10lbs around with athority, he looked good on tackles, seemed a lot stronger and ready to hit.

    I liked what I saw out of Washington at WR. He is bigger than I thought, he can be a nice target for Flacco down the field.

    Ok Sanchez seen the mismatch before the snap, I guess he can get some credit for that, but no holding call (ovious hold). confusion and a mismatch.
    A good high school quaterback could have mad that throw. I mean Washington is a #1 and was on a island with a average linebacker at best. But according to espn he made a good rebound from his interception(almost 2 if Ray sqeezes the freaking ball), O' and he fumbled. No Ray on the field and Ed would have definently been all over that shit. Give me a break the Ravens D embarrassed Dirty Sanchez. the only plays he made were on holds with no call.

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    Re: Ravens - Jets (Preseason) GAME THREAD

    Mason looked like he had a full tank last night to me.

    I was rather encouraged to see how he was playing. If Joe spreads the ball like Harbs and Camcam look like they are encouraging - Mason should be fine *crossing fingers*.


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