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    Just curious, wanted to see who you had on the best fantasy team you thought you ever drafted. In 1996, I won a championship in a basic scoring league with Jeff Blake of the Bengals at quarterback, and we started 5 position players, regardless of position, I had wr Tim Brown Raiders, Wr Irving Fryar Eagles, RB Terrell Davis Broncos, this was before anyone knew about him, TE Wesley Walls Panthers and rb Anthony Johnson Panthers, kicker was Morten Anderson then with the Falcons, remember the Panthers that year surprised and went to the NFC championship game in just thier second season, I lost just one game in the regular season, but had a harder time in the playoffs but still won it.

    There were no flashy players just consistent scorers.

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    First year I ever played in 2003 I had Jamal Lewis (2000 yard season) and Ahman Green, the top two RB's for that year, Aaron Brooks at QB (great season that year), Anquan Boldin as a rookie (over 1300 yards receiving), Hines Ward, and Chris Chambers as my WR's. Oh and of course, the Ravens defense, Matt Stover, and Todd Heap. I was accused of being a homer at the draft but it worked out well for me!

    I can't think of my other WR's or my backup RB's, but man what a season.

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    I've only been playing for a couple seasons, but I think last year was my best year. I had pick #3 in the draft, and here's who I drafted:

    Adrian Peterson
    Larry Fitzgerald
    Jamal Lewis
    Steve Smith
    Matt Schaub
    Hines Ward
    Jeremy Shockey
    DeAngelo Williams (Yes, in ROUND 8, I got one of the top fantasy backs of last year)
    Seahawks D
    Chad Pennington
    Shayne Graham
    Justin Fargas
    Bills D
    Jabar Gaffney

    My final roster had Chris Cooley and Bo Scaife at TE with Shockey gone, Eddie Royal in place of Jabar Gaffney, Tyler Thigpen in place of Schaub, Garret Hartley and Ryan Longwell in place of Shayne Graham, the Colts D in place of the Seahawks, and LeRon McClain in place of Jamal Lewis. I won both total points and head to head championships. Most people went for QBs early because our flex was ANY position including QB, so I focused on getting RBs and WRs first, then picking up a high #2 QB.
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    Call me a Special Teams coach again. I dare you! I double dare you, MFer!


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