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  1. Kyle Boller Another Chance

    With Marc Bulger's broken finger keeping him out for at least 2 weeks, Kyle Boller wil get the start this Friday against the Falcons. Word is he will get the first half and a series or 2 in the second half. He would get more work in week three if he plays well this game.

    This does not mean alot as far as fantasy goes, I have Bulger at 30 on profootball24x7 board but a change of scenery is perhaps what Kyle needs. He has a couple of other things going for him as well, the Rams are centering their offense around running back Steven Jackson. Jackson has a realistic chance to match James Wilder's record of 492 combined receptions and rushing attempts he set in 1984 with the Buccaneers, so Kyle will not be asked to do much, manage the game so to speak. Second, the Ravens all time passing yardage leader finds himself in a good spot, the Rams would save a bundle by releasing Bulger. If Kyle plays well filling in he could win the starting position.

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    Re: Kyle Boller Another Chance


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    Re: Kyle Boller Another Chance

    From a fantasy perspective, drafting either Bulger or Boller is a REAL reach...The STL offense is not going to do well. Steven Jackson is a top 10 Fantasy RB, and Donnie Avery is worth a late round pick because he showed he can put up some good games last year (though whenever I started him last year, he tanked it). Anyone other than that, not worth a draft pick...

    Plus Boller didn't look all that great in their preseason game this week...9-16 for 91 one point, he was something like 5-12 for 50 some yards.
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