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Thread: Madden Fans

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    Re: Madden Fans

    Quote Originally Posted by PSMD410 View Post
    Looks good but pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee a PS3 one!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Madden Fans

    Quote Originally Posted by RavenTD View Post
    Nice...The curse is coincidence,I mean has Todd Heap ever been on a Madden cover?;)
    I had to re-visit this. Now the Madden curse is for whole teams after what we saw the Steeler's go through and not just individual players. Also we now know is that when there are two players are on the cover, the curse attacks the guy on the left of said cover. It seems that Fitzgerald survived this past years Madden and you can count out Drew Brees and the entire Saints team.

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    Not bad dude. The face looks distorted though. Can you clear it up?


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