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    Fantasy League for 09...

    Anyone got any openings for Fantasy Football? The usual group of guys Ive done it with in the past arent doing it this year.


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    Re: Fantasy League for 09...

    Yeah I am in the same boat. I really like the CBS/ format and thats what i generaly do, but the people always bag out half way through the season and you are left with few people that care. If anyone wants to set up a team, let me know. Or maybe I will make one and post the link....

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    For the past 20 years I have run a league that starts 2 quarterbacks every week. We have 12-14 teams. It makes you re think your draft strategy from the typical cookie cutter leagues. We have a spot or 2 open for this year, I would like to get a couple of our readers of the site in. Let me know if you want in.

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    Re: Fantasy League for 09...

    I posted something about maybe everyone on this site getting together for a league. Check it out.

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    Re: Fantasy League for 09...

    Hey domination where did your post go for the ff league???


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