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Thread: Newsletter July

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    Newsletter July

    Newsletter for the pre-season / July .

    There has been very little news coming out of the Ravens which can only be a good thing. Noise in pre-season spell trouble. The only ‘news’ we are waiting for is on the future of No.55 T. Suggs. He wants a lot of money!

    UKRavens .

    It has been very quiet on the forum over the past couple of months. Other than the trip planning, the only real note was the serious injury to Stockers whilst playing for Norwich Devils.
    Any of us who have played contact sports will understand that sickening moment when you know it’s all over. Keep you spirits up and get well Stockers.

    NFL Wembley 2009
    Sunday October 25th Tampa verses New England. This is during the Ravens bye week. Can everyone who is going please let me know?
    Steve Philips has tickets

    Ravens trip in 2009

    **September 27th verses the Cleveland Browns at M&T Bank Stadium k.o. 1:00 pm**

    Gordon and I have now booked our flights to Baltimore for the weekend of the Cleveland game (24th to 28/29th of September). We have booked to go via Heathrow - which still leaves open the possibility of anyone else joining us.
    We are going to sort out tickets soon, so if you are thinking of coming let me know.


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    Re: Newsletter July

    Well I cannot get into my emails as O2 site is down. So I will reply here.

    Anything involving money is a no go for me until I can forsee some financial stability.And right now I am jumping from one hot coal to another.Sadly like soooo many others.

    I think it is my destiny to watch the company I work for hit the wall every 4 years.
    Put the smile back on your face.This is a 60 minute ball game.


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